10 Things Marketers Must Know About Social Media Analysis

10 Things Marketers Must Know About Social Media Analysis Tools

The world of social media is always changing, and these days many marketers are switching their focus from engagement to analysis. Social media analytics tools offer a variety of benefits that can help marketers get the most out of their company’s social activity. 

If you’re considering adding a new tool to your marketer’s arsenal, consider the following ten things you must know about social media analysis tools.

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10 Things Marketers Must Know About Social Media Analysis

Here is the 10 Things Marketers Must Know About Social Media Analysis :

1) Social Media Analysis Tools Are Like a Swiss Army Knife

Social media analysis tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of marketing needs. For example, some tools let you see how your social media activity is affecting sales and financials while others help you identify the demographics of specific audiences.

2) Some Tools Are More Robust Than Others

Not all social media analysis tools are created equal. For example, one tool might only provide general insights into audience demographics and engagement levels, while another tool might provide advanced reporting based on your unique marketing goals. Before making a purchase, make sure you know exactly what features are included in each package so you can invest wisely.

3) You Can’t Afford To Overlook the Small Stuff

Although flashy new features may be enough to sell some marketers, chances are they won’t bring the results you need. As such, it’s critical to pay as much attention to the details as you do the big picture. For example, social media analysis tools that provide detailed reports on how different segments of your audience interact with your content can reveal valuable insights about which targets to prioritize and how best to influence them.

4) You Can’t Afford To Let Social Media Analysis Tools Take the Backseat

If you’re not sure which social media analysis tools are right for your needs, consider the following analogy: training wheels. Right now, your social media presence is essentially in its infancy. As such, it’s important to invest in training wheels when making technology purchases so you can take your time getting accustomed to any changes in functionality. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the training period lasts forever- eventually, you’ll need to graduate from basic features and start taking advantage of advanced tools that help you better connect with today’s socially savvy consumers.

5) You Need To Be Flexible

As previously mentioned, all social media analysis tools are not created equal. What works well for one marketer might not meet the needs of another. As such, it’s important to be flexible in how you use these analysis tools so you can incorporate them into your existing marketing strategy instead of letting them dictate what you do and don’t do online.

6) Social Media Analysis Tools Offer More Benefits than You Think

Although these days many marketers think first about return on investment when considering social media management tools, this isn’t always the case. For example, some social media analysis tools are equipped with advanced algorithms that can offer users unique insights into their audiences’ behavior. This data can then be used to help teams prioritize different projects to maximize productivity and improve collaboration between departments.

7) Social Media Analysis Tools Inventory and Track Your Team’s Social Activity

Many social media analysis tools include functionality that allows users to easily track and inventory all of their team’s social activity. This means you won’t need to waste time and resources trying to figure out what your team are working on- instead, you can simply pull up the relevant data in a matter of seconds. Use this information to identify areas where division managers should focus their efforts or create divisional calendars based on priority projects.

8) There Are Conditions to Using Social Media Analysis Tools For Free

Like many other types of technology, social media analysis tools often come with usage limits for free accounts. As such, it’s not a good idea to start making big investments until you’re sure you’re getting the most out of free tools. Once you feel more comfortable that these analysis tools can help your team achieve its goals, and then start making bigger investments- just remembers that there are often conditions attached to using these free accounts effectively.

9) Social Media Analysis Tools Offer a Unique Perspective on Your Needs

Don’t forget that many social media analysis tools can tell you far more than simply how many people like or share your posts on Facebook and Twitter. For example, some tools allow marketers to compare their performance across multiple channels with a single click. Others show users how different audiences react to specific content segments or target them based on geographic location or interests. To avoid wasting time and money with unnecessary analyses, out our list of 10 must-have social media analysis tools for 2016.

10) Tools Need To Be Maintained

Even the best social media analysis tools need to be maintained. For example, you should always keep your passwords up-to-date so you can quickly access these tools whenever you need them. Similarly, it’s important to update each tool’s system requirements regularly so they don’t become obsolete over time. You also want to make sure that your tech team stays up-to-date on all of the latest software patches and updates so any bugs are rapidly dealt with before they interfere with productivity.


In the current competitive environment, learning how to maximize your business’s social media presence is a must. And as the landscape continues to evolve at a rapid clip, marketers will need all kinds of tools at their disposal in order to create and deliver relevant content to today’s always-connected consumers. That being said, it’s important for both small businesses and enterprise operations to find new ways of mastering the analysis of social data. By staying abreast of the latest trends in this space, social media managers of all levels can begin leveraging analysis tools more frequently so they can make better decisions about their digital strategies moving forward.

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