6 Tips to Cut Costs of Your Streaming Service Budget

Do you know it is possible to cut your streaming costs and still watch all you want? Ditching cable can be a way to save money. But, not when you turn around and subscribe to all streaming services that you need to have a subscription. Before long, you will be paying more than your cable amount. Unless you opt for thepirateproxybay or other free streaming service sites, anyone can save money on streaming and still watch all your favorite shows. Below are tips to help you cut the cost of your streaming service budget. 

  1. Figure out the services to cancel

One of the most effective money-saving tips is dropping one of your streaming services. To find out which to cut out, choose the one you use the least of all of them. For instance, if your streaming service subscription is up and you have exhausted all the original decent shows, there is no point in keeping your subscription. For a start, this will save you some amount monthly. Plus, you can resubscribe when there are new seasons. 

  1. Share subscriptions with family and friends

Every streaming service has policies that are different from the rest about password sharing. However, these policies can be vague and hard to enforce. For instance, you may be paying for a premium plan that allows five user-profiles and streaming on up to five devices, but do they have to be all living under one roof? Therefore, use this to your advantage and pay for one streaming service. Another family member pays for another, and a friend another. Then share the respective accounts. In this way, you save money, but consider the risks of sharing a streaming service password. 

  1. Get a cord-cutter credit card

Most credit cards give you cashback for various purchases. However, specific ones offer streaming-specific benefits. For example, if a credit card delivers a 6% cashback on most popular streaming services. If you pay $40 monthly for your streaming subscription. In a year, you save almost 37%. Plus, other cards offer rewards if you choose certain streaming providers. Therefore, check to see if your current credit card has streaming offers you can use as a way to save money. If not, it is better to choose a card that will help you save some costs. 

  1. Plan your binges

The great thing about most of the popular streaming services is the flexibility of subscriptions. You can cancel the subscription anytime and resume when you see fit. For instance, most series go a year or more between seasons, so you can cancel the subscription and save some money. Hence, it is not advisable to subscribe a year at a time, even with a discount. To save, work out a rotation schedule. This is better than subscribing to all the services simultaneously. Choose one, watch all your shows there and move to another service. 

  1. Look to the freebies

Do you want to enjoy classics and originals? Most of these delightful films are free to stream on various free streaming sites. Sci-fi thrillers, comedies, and other genres are now available to watch on different streaming platforms. These show the free streaming services are lots of them out there, and most of them offer pretty good movies and TV shows. Sometimes you have to sit through commercials, but there are apps you can download to block this as well. But, the beauty is the costs are zero.

6 Tips to Cut Costs of Your Streaming Service Budget

Almost every major streaming service offers a free trial, except for Netflix. Therefore, if you plan your viewing wisely, you can binge a series or more without paying anything. What is vital is to mark your calendar with a cancellation reminder. Otherwise, if you forget the trial is over, the billing will start. So, find a strategy that will work for you and the various free trial you can try out. Even though this, you can tell the best streaming site for you as you use these different platforms. So, with the many streaming services all seeking to get your attention. Take advantage of the various saving strategies to cut costs. 

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