2022’s 10 Worst Battery-Draining Apps

Smartphone users are always using their devices to do anything and everything. However, the biggest struggle with smartphones is having to recharge them every so often. Does this sound like you? You’re not alone!

Have you ever noticed when you’ve recharged a smartphone, you’re doing it again moments later? 

What if it was the apps you were using that were causing your battery to zap back down to 0%? It’s true! 

So, what ARE the apps that are most notorious for draining your device’s battery? Today, we’ll show you 10 apps to be aware of, when having them on your device. This list may surprise you! 

  1. WhatsApp

How can a favorite messaging app like WhatsApp be a drain to the battery? Well, the truth is, the app can run in the background if you don’t monitor it for a while. While limiting the app’s usage of the background is a good solution, you’ll still have to be careful of using the app.

  1. Facebook

One of the biggest social network apps can also be prone to using a lot of battery. If you do the following on Facebook:

  • Posting updates, images, videos, etc.
  • Watching videos
  • Scrolling through various postings
  • Exploring interesting pages, etc.

…chances are, you might not be doing your battery any favors. Since the app runs in the background, syncs updates, contacts, and other things on your device, these activities can take away from the battery.

So, either restrict the app from running in the background or use Facebook on the desktop to save on your device’s battery.

  1. Snapchat

Another battery-drainer is the popular app Snapchat. While sifting through fun filters and taking photos or videos can be fun, these activities can put a strain on your device. Therefore, make sure that you use the app whenever possible. If you can’t stay away from Snapchat, then turn off the live location feature. Here’s how to do so:

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Go to Settings. 
  • Tap on the “Who Can” tab.
  • Go to My Location.
  • Choose “Ghost Mode.”
  1. YouTube

The biggest video platform on the Internet, YouTube is all about uploading, watching, and rating videos. However, this video giant can also be suspect in draining the battery, if you have the app. While it might be hard to refrain from using the app, or even give it a break, you can still do something about the app. 

The good news is, the YouTube app has a feature where you can give yourself a break. With the “Remind me to take a break” feature, you can allow yourself to rest, and then come back to it whenever you want. This prevents you from draining the battery by using the app all the time. Plus, this allows you to head over to the desktop version of YouTube! 

  1. TikTok

Formerly known as musical.ly, TikTok is another video platform that specializes in uploading, watching, and rating videos. You can also record short videos on the app, and then share your creations across social media platforms.

Unfortunately, this app uses up a lot of battery, due to its “amazing” features of watching and recording fun videos. So, limiting notifications and their background usage would suffice here. 

  1. Messenger

As part of Facebook, Messenger serves as a messaging component to the social media giant. With Messenger, you can instantly message anyone that you sync contacts with on your device and on the social media platform itself. 

However, like Facebook, Messenger can drain the battery as well. Now, while you can’t send messages on Facebook without the Messenger component, you can still opt for a low-end version for Android and iOS – Messenger Lite, which takes up less battery.

  1. Netflix

Love streaming movies and shows? 

Well, Netflix can be a great streaming app, if it’s not for its notorious battery sucking. How? By sending notifications, running in the background, and so on.

So, consider disabling notifications and limiting their running in the background. Or, consider watching Netflix on your computer or television instead.

  1. Tinder

If you’re looking for love online, then Tinder might be a good solution. However, that app takes up battery life as well. The reality is, the app will use your location to find people, which can take a toll on your device’s battery. 

To fix this, turn off the app’s background refresh so that it doesn’t run when you’re not using it. Plus, disable notifications, if you don’t have time to look at them. Or, you can opt for Tinder Online – the desktop version of Tinder.

  1. Amazon

Have a knack for online shopping? You’re not alone!

Many people love to shop online. Apps like Amazon are there to meet your online shopping needs.

Though, your online shopping spree might be cut short if the Amazon app sucks up a lot of your battery. This is especially a problem for Android devices because the Amazon app isn’t well optimized for such devices. So, you may want to use Amazon on a browser for better online shopping and device user experience.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Finally, if you’re a business-type user on your device, you might be using something like the Microsoft Outlook app. Yes, many people are always on their smartphones doing business work these days. From emailing to schedulings, Outlook is a great companion for business people.

Unfortunately, this app too can be taxing on your device’s battery. This is especially detrimental for those who use the app for business purposes. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives to Microsoft Outlook, including Gmail, which doesn’t drain the battery. Or, if you have your heart set on using Microsoft Outlook for business, then consider using it on the computer. 


As you can tell by the 10 apps listed, the ultimate way to ensure a longer battery life on your device is to make sure that:

  • Nothing is running in the background.
  • Limit notifications when you’re not needing them. AND,
  • Some apps can be replaced with usage on a computer browser.

So, take these 10 apps into account, and ensure that you make the necessary adjustments on your smartphone for better battery life. 

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