How to Free Up Storage on a Computer: 6 Suggestions to Try

How to Free Up Storage on a Computer: 6 Suggestions to Try

If you want to have fun on your computer, you need to make sure that the device is properly optimized. Otherwise, there will be performance issues, and you will not have a good time.

Those with a relatively new computer model should not be worried because the device is unlikely to experience difficulties. On the other hand, a bit older computer is bound to be harder to manage.

One of the most common reasons behind the poor performance is the lack of disk storage. Unless there is enough free space on a computer’s drive, you are likely to struggle.

It might seem easy, but figuring out how to free up enough storage can take quite a lot of time and effort.

This article will push you in the right direction and explain some of the best methods to free up disk storage on a computer, which will hopefully improve the device’s performance.

Delete Files Permanently

Let’s start with the obvious, which is the fact that if you want to free up space by deleting files, you need to remove redundant junk permanently. 

If you do not use keyboard shortcuts to remove files permanently, make sure that you empty the Trash Bin every time you drag a file into it. Not doing so does not really eliminate a file; it only transfers it to another location.

Take Care of Redundant Software

Over time, you are bound to download and install software that becomes obsolete after a while. In other words, if you are not using installed applications, it makes little sense to keep them on your computer, especially when you are trying your best to free up the drive’s storage.

If you are on MS Windows, you can delete software via the control panel. For macOS, there are different ways to get rid of unwanted apps, and you can find more about them here.

Remember that if you ever need to use software or applications you removed, there is always the option to download and reinstall them.

Get Rid of Temporary System Junk

How to Free Up Storage on a Computer: 6 Suggestions to Try

To access caches, extensions, plugins, and other temporary system junk, you will need to tinker with the computer’s settings. When doing so, it is recommended to follow close instructions, so you do not remove an important file accidentally.

If you want to minimize the risks, you can take a different approach and use cleanup utility tools that specialize in taking care of temporary system junk for you.

Utilize Cloud Storage

Services like Dropbox and iCloud offer a great alternative to those who want to keep the files but would prefer not to clutter their computer’s drive with them.

Digital storage is becoming more and more popular thanks to its reliability and accessibility. You can simply copy and paste files from the computer to your cloud account. And in some cases, there is no need to even move a file back to the computer. For example, you can modify most documents directly in the cloud service.

One thing to mention, though, is that there are recurring fees for cloud storage. The more you play, the more space you get. For some, the cheapest plan might be enough, but there are services that offer as much as a few terabytes of total storage. 

Before you commit to a specific cloud service, be sure to check all the available options and weigh which of them makes the most sense for you.

Get an External HDD

An external HDD is similar to cloud storage in the sense that you can also use it as a location to keep computer files. These days, hard drives are quite cheap ( You can buy them at PCREDCOM ), so getting one for yourself should not be an issue. Also, for the sake of reliability, make sure that you go for a new HDD rather than a used one because the latter is likely to break down, which leads to data loss.

As a side note, it is worth noting that both cloud storage and external hard drives also work as a means to back up data, which means that utilizing these two options makes even more sense.

Check Streaming Platforms

How to Free Up Storage on a Computer: 6 Suggestions to Try

Paying for media has become the norm these days, and it is understandable given how convenient it is to use services like Netflix and Spotify.

Other than the convenience, streaming platforms also help with potential storage issues on a computer. Those who keep large media files on the device would be better off switching to streaming services instead.


So to sum it all up, the tips mentioned in this article should be enough to free up the drive space on your computer. And in case you struggle despite trying these ideas, you still have one last thing to try—reinstalling the operating system, which gives the computer and its drive a clean slate.

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