Must-Have eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Your eCommerce business is in the perfect place- you know about your target audience, the product you want to sell, and the best sales strategies. But perhaps, you are stuck on how to use the strategies to reach your target audience and make your business name known.

Speaking of eCommerce marketing, it is booming with approximately $4 trillion in annual eCommerce sales globally. It is the best and worst of times for the already established brands. Sales online are at their record high, but brands without the right eCommerce marketing plan continue to face problems because of consumers’ shifting behavior.

With the eCommerce arena changing at a very fast pace, brands must arm themselves with the right eCommerce marketing strategies. Well-defined eCommerce marketing plans are crucial for the growing market share.

Only brands with the right eCommerce marketing strategies will continue growing market share and increasing sales.

This 2022, the must-have eCommerce marketing strategies for brands are as follows:

1. Set the Right Goals

For a fantastic start, you must define your objectives clearly. If you do not have clear-cut goals, you will not know whether your marketing strategies are working in the first place or not.

Your ultimate objective is to increase profits and revenues. But you must think in a more specific way when setting your objectives. That’s because there are different ways of increasing eCommerce sales. So, consider objectives like:

  • Improving conversion rate
  • Getting more traffic
  • Increasing the lifetime value of the customers
  • Getting customers through various marketing mediums
  • Lowering the cost of customer acquisition

Take time to analyze different scopes of organic growth. Understand key metrics such as conversion rates, search traffic, repeat purchases, and average order value for identifying the areas where your eCommerce marketing strategy is underperforming. Then set another set of objectives for improving these key metrics.

2. Optimize Content for Voice Search

Experts predict voice search will be one of the biggest trends in eCommerce marketing strategies in 2022. There are more and more viewers using voice search for products. So, brands must optimize their content for common search terms to get the upper hand in catching the attention of organic traffic from the search engines.

For local-based organizations and eCommerce businesses, this is the perfect scope of capitalizing on long-tail keywords instead of stuffing them unnaturally in their content. Experts also believe that brands using push notifications and SMS can stand out because these tools have huge open rates.

3. Know Who Your Target Audiences Are

If you want your eCommerce marketing campaign to be a huge success, you must identify your target audience. This will help you in using the right channels and strategies accordingly.

Based on the products and services you deal in, you can have several segments of your target audience. For instance, if you sell a coffee machine, you will be selling directly to the coffee shops and even to the consumers. The key here is narrowing down your target audiences as much as possible without excluding the most important types of customers.

4. Optimize the Layout of your eCommerce Site

Once you have re-designed and launched your eCommerce site, it is time for you to test its language and layout. You must also test the placement of different conversion elements on your site.

Make sure that your site is simple and easy to navigate when the customers visit it. The customers should feel naturally inclined to buy your products once they get on your site. Test the language used on your product and landing pages, the language in the conversion elements, and even the proper placement of elements and icons.

5. Make Several Relevant Videos

In 2022, brands making lots of relevant videos are likely to find a market. That’s because videos are in this season, and people engage more with videos than written content. Take the example of The Critter Depot here.

This is an eCommerce brand that sells feeder insects to reptile owners online. The brand has created several videos discussing the right way of breeding crickets, storing super-worms and crickets, and what it is like to unbox them.

These videos on the product pages of the business site have done an excellent job of increasing the brand’s on-page time by more than a minute per page. Hence, the brand always pushes forward and creates more videos for its top-converting product pages.

To conclude, perfectly-edited videos using an online video editor; placed strategically on the company website or landing page will automatically bring in more views and conversions, and sales.

6. Create Original Content

Creating original and top-quality content can help eCommerce brands. Original and authentic content resonates with the customers and makes them willing to interact with a brand, purchase from it and maintain the following.

And yes, promoting original content is also a good way of making a statement, striking a compelling concept, and making a mark in the users’ minds.

Remember, there is a fine line between content that deters the users and content that engages them. So, take that extra step towards creating genuinely compelling content. This eCommerce marketing strategy has lasting effects. Just one or two perfectly-written pages or well-edited videos, and you will be driving in revenues for years.

Just work on adding informative content to your crucial site pages, like the about us page, the home page, and the policies page. See how Red Apple, the online fireworks organization keeps adding informative content to its category pages. This helps the company drive its SEO performance and increases engagement, conversions, and ultimately order value.

7. Learn from the Competition

Keeping an eye on the competitors can make you understand what they are doing to increase sales. Do not copy their eCommerce marketing techniques but take inspiration from the same. Go through their posts; understand how often they post and the networks they frequently use to engage with the users.

The Bottom Line

Finally, there is nothing called the best eCommerce marketing strategy existing in the market. There are just some strategies that work out for certain eCommerce businesses, while others work out for other companies in the same field. Choose the most suitable strategy based on the market you are serving and the customers you are looking to influence.

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