How to Get Free Money in 2022?

In today’s economy, how does a little free money sound? If it sounds too good to be true, the great news is that it’s not. Thanks to the innovative way that Yotta is changing the game when it comes to digital wallets and debit cards, there is an easy, effortless, and effective way that you could be making free money. Not only that, but partnering with CashApp, this service could be the way you win some serious free money you can’t afford to pass up. 

Get Free Money

How can all of this be true and how can you make free money in 2022? Here is everything you need to know! 

A New Way to Spend 

Advances in technology have brought a lot of wonderful invitations to modern society. Evidence of how deeply impacted day-to-day life has become by modern conveniences is seen in cell phones and online commerce. The internet has drastically changed everything from how people pay their bills to how they find directions to the nearest coffee shop or even order groceries right at their front door.

When it comes to spending money, advancements in tech have brought not only convenience but new ways to actually make a profit off just spending. While huge credit card companies often times offer incentives like cash back programs to persuade customers to use their products, these opportunities are not nearly as popular among debit cards. 

Part of this is in the fact that debit cards work very differently from credit. Credit card companies make money off of the interest that people owe them for using the lines of credit that they offer. This is why massive companies can offer enticing incentive programs like travel miles, or cash back. Debit cards are linked specifically to a source of funds and can be depleted, unlike a credit line that can be cut off. This means that there isn’t a method of making money off a debit card in the same way. 

Yotta is changing the narrative with debit cards by introducing new and innovative ways of thinking about spending that can give you real incentives to use their product. Yotta debit cards and savings accounts offer consumers a new way to spend money that actually puts them in the running to win free money. 

How Does Debit Card Give You Incentives?

Yotta is determined to help people who struggle to save money by offering an exciting lottery system that rewards those who use Yotta savings and debit cards. This happens because Yotta offers a 4% interest that you can earn on any money you put in your Yotta prize-linked savings. A portion of that incredible amount of interest that your money is earning you by simply existing, is cycled into an in-house lottery system.

Wait, the lottery? Isn’t that a horrible way to save money? 

Yes, the lottery is not a great move when it comes to serious financial planning, but with Yotta you get to experience serious savings with the excitement of a lottery – and no financial risk. What this means is that every person who uses Yotta has a 1 in 150 chance of winning up to 10 million dollars. Every week the lottery is played and over 500,000 customers have a chance at some big winnings.

To date, Yotta customers have won over 8 million dollars total. What’s better, is that there are some incredible ways to up your chances by earning tickets that are placed in the lottery system. 

Saving To Win

One of the best ways to up your chances at winning big is by saving big! For every $25 that you place in your Yotta savings account, you get a ticket that is entered into the lottery. That’s a huge incentive to put as much money as you can into that savings account. Once you exceed 10 thousand in savings, after you celebrate the accomplishment, you then get a weekly ticket per the $150 dollars you deposit. 

Swipe to Win

With a Yotta debit card which can be opened at no harm to your existing credit, you get even more chances to earn tickets for the lottery. Linked to your Yotta account, this debit card can be used at all retailers nationwide and you get 1 ticket per $10 spent.

CashApp to Win

What about all the ways that you spend money through CashApp? This app has made peer-to-peer spending something you can’t live without, and Yotta doesn’t want you to live without it. That’s why you can activate Yotta through your CashApp, and link your debit card to CashApp purchases. This means that when you split utilities at the beginning of the month or CashApp money for food at the ball game, you still get to earn tickets.

Conclusion | How to Get Free Money in 2022?

Risk-free, and financially empowering, Yotta is a great tool to help anyone build their savings and make free money in 2022. With the new year comes new opportunities, and Yotta is at the forefront of helping people save money in unique ways. From automated savings to a chance at winning millions, Yotta is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a new way to the bank in 2022.

FAQs | How to Get Free Money in 2022?

Q1: How much can I win?

The maximum amount that can be won is 10 million dollars.

Q2: What app gives you free money?

Q3: How can I get money for free?

There are a few ways that you can get money for free. One way is to sign up for a Yotta account and use their debit card. Another way is to use CashApp and link your Yotta debit card to your account. Finally, you can also save up money in your Yotta account and earn tickets for the lottery.

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