5 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software In 2022

The world of network monitoring tools, software, and vendors is vast. New software, tools, and utilities are released almost every year to compete in the ever-changing market for IT monitoring, server monitoring, and system monitoring software. For more information, visit this article by RouterLogin.mobi. The process of monitoring network components such as routers, switches, firewalls, and servers is known as network monitoring.

The Network Monitoring Tool is a program that collects data from various portions of the network. It will aid in network management and control. Performance monitoring, defect monitoring, and account monitoring will focus on network monitoring.

Taking critical factors in mind, below are the 5 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software of 2022 for your reference:

1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor:

The Network Performance Monitor from SolarWinds can help you eliminate network disruptions and increase performance. It’s a scalable solution for huge situations with smarter scalability. Functionalities for wireless network monitoring and administration are among the main features. The most popular network monitoring solution checks network device statuses using SNMP. This monitoring tool has auto-discovery, which builds an asset inventory and generates a network topology map automatically. Windows Server powers it. You’ll be able to see the performance indicators for autonomous access points as well. Begin a free 30-day trial.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor includes functionality for multi-vendor network monitoring and SDN monitoring, as well as Cisco ACI support. It allows for better scalability, resulting in more reliable networks.

2. Auvik:

Auvik is a cloud-based solution that may unify network monitoring and offers several automated functions. It’s simple to use and assists you in preventing, recognizing, and resolving problems more quickly. Its traffic analysis technologies are more effective in detecting irregularities. It delivers security and performance updates regularly. It uses AES-256 to encrypt network data. This SaaS system is built around a network mapper and comes in two different plan levels, including system management capabilities. It is suitable for all levels of engineers, from novices to experts.

Auvik’s main capabilities include automatic network detection, mapping, inventory, and network monitoring and alerting. There are also worldwide dashboards.

3. Datadog:

Datadog displays your network components, and the network traffic flows between them in a simple visual depiction. Whether you’re working in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, it gives you a clear view of each of your network’s components and the connections that connect them. It can assist you in troubleshooting DNS, app, and infrastructure issues. Troubleshoot infrastructure, apps, and DNS issues quickly and easily.

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) allows you to gain unprecedented visibility into current networks by employing meaningful, human-readable tags, among other capabilities. It also shows how network traffic flows between hosts, containers, availability zones, and even more abstract categories like services, teams, and any labeled category.

4. Site24x7:

Site24x7 is a full-stack monitoring solution that provides AI-powered performance monitoring and cloud expenditure optimization to IT operations and DevOps. It’s a cloud-based solution that combines IT infrastructure, apps, and user behavior monitoring. Automatic detection of all devices inside a given IP range or throughout an entire network is one of the main advantages. It lets you monitor any vendor or metric you want with custom SNMP monitoring and automates discovery and mapping with Layer 2 maps and topology maps. It is an all-in-one solution with automatic network discovery is one of its most appealing aspects. It demonstrates real-time application and network device monitoring and robust reporting, analytics, and alerts. A 30-day free trial is available for all Site24x7 plans.

5. ManageEngine OpManager:

ManageEngine OpManager is a network monitoring and management system that is efficient and simple. It’s an SNMP-based network monitor with various network topology configuration possibilities, all of which are based on an auto-discovery method. Beyond network monitoring, OpManager allows network and IT administrators to perform multiple operations at the same time, including bandwidth analysis, virtual machine (VM) monitoring, configuration management, firewall management, storage monitoring, IP address management (IPAM), and switch port management (SPM).


Look for a network performance monitor that gathers device statuses using SNMP when choosing the ideal one for you. Additionally, employ a bandwidth analyzer that can communicate with the switches on your network. This is significant because network monitoring software may assist you in optimizing network infrastructure by recording activity around the clock and identifying overloaded devices without requiring you to sit and watch live events.  

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